Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer Fun

We have had a boring last couple of weeks...the heat has kept me inside most of the time. Olivia and I are both starting to get cabin fever having had the last few weeks off for summer break, with no extracurricular activities! She starts gymnastics back up this week at a new place, so that should be fun! We visited Michael's parents (Cookie & Pop-Pop) for a few days last week while Michael had meetings. We had a lot of fun, but the sad thing is I had my camera with me and forgot about it! This morning after church we went to the pool with our small group, which cooled me off a little bit! These are the first pictures I have taken in weeks! Pregnancy has made me lazy!

We have been so blessed by the people in our small group having made us feel so welcome since we joined Hardin Valley, but Olivia has made a very special friend~Katherine. They are so cute together and such good buddies. She is so excited that she is going over to their house on Tuesday for a playdate before Katherine starts back to school.

Olivia and Katherine going down the slide together!

Olivia and her buddy Carson enjoying an icee together.


Jennifer said...

Oh it looks like Olivia had a blast at the pool! I know what you mean about the heat and I am not even prego!!! Hang in there, not too much longer! Call me sometime if you ever come to Chattanooga!

Elizabeth said...

You are getting close to the end! Does baby girl #2 have a name yet? Stay cool- I was in your shoes this time last year- not fun!

The Claunch Family said...

I'm getting there, but time is starting to slow down! We are going to call her Ana Blair. My middle name is Ann and Michael's is Blair.