Thursday, August 7, 2008

Recap of the Week

Things are finally starting to feel more normal here around the Claunch household this week since we were a little bit more busy! On Tuesday, Olivia's sweet friend Katherine from church wanted to spend the day with her before she had to start back to school. So that morning, her saint of a mom came (along with her other three children) all the way across town to pick Olivia up for a fun day. She was with them from about 9am until 5pm. She thought she was so grown up getting to go to a friend's house for the day without Mommy!
This is her sitting by the front window watching for their car to pull in our driveway, she sat there for thirty minutes!
On Wednesday, her "real" gymnastics class started. We have been doing Little Gym since she was a baby, but this week we started a gymnastics class at a gym here. I couldn't believe everything they had her working on in her first class (splits, backbends, handstands)! I was so impressed and she loved it!
And finally today, my sweet baby girl had to have dental surgery. I could literally feel my blood pressure rising over the last 24 hours dreading the moment they took her away from me. But she did SO good. She was so brave, braver than I ever could have been! She even told me she had fun and wants to go back. Michael and I both have a bad dental history and upon her first visit, the dentist said he felt like it would be a lot easier to put her to sleep and do everything at one time. And now that it is over, I completely agree. They gave her some "silly juice" before they took her in, and it REALLY worked. Not many moms can say this of their 3 year olds, but I know exactly what it would be like to see my daughter drunk as a skunk. She would fall over in the bed and just cackle at herself for minutes at a time. Michael and I were both crying we were laughing at her so hard, which to be honest, made the separation easier on us too. That being said, we've also seen her in "hangover" mode and it is not pretty. I dropped Olivia and Michael off at home to get settled down while I went and picked up prescriptions and lunch. Olivia asked Michael for something that he didn't understand what she was saying and she proceeded to beat him up! Literally. He called me scared to death. But she is doing good now and is resting peacefully, so hopefully she will get a good night's sleep!
Cuddling with Daddy before surgery
Loving on Mommy

The finished product!



Jennifer said...

What a brave little girl! I am glad that everything went good!

The Roper's said...

What a big girl! I know you are glad that is over.

The Cherry Tree 123 said...

Aww, that would make me a nervous wreck! Glad she is doing better.

The Dunavant Family said...

So glad you both did good. Tell her we miss her!