Thursday, June 19, 2008

Swimming Lessons

This week we began swim lessons. I thought my child would be a natural. She isn't the least big afraid of the water. She is a little shy around men though, and unfortunately for her and everyone else in her class, the teacher is a man. Day 1-She screamed through most of class. Day 2-She screamed the first five minutes and Mr. Ed told me to leave. I went to the car and cried the rest of class. Day 3- She teared up when I left her, but didn't cry at all. Day 4 (today)- I snuck in and watched her jump off the diving board into 10 feet of water! I'm making Michael come tomorrow to see her improvement. We went ahead and signed up for another week of class for next week...hopefully it will go much better.
Before her first lesson

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