Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mr. Ed's Adventure Swim

This week was our second week at Mr. Ed's Swim Adventure school, and I have to say it went 1 million% better than Week 1. This week went the way I expected the first week to go. Olivia loved it and every morning got out of bed talking about going to "Ed's Home." She even insisted on making a 4th of July card for him when we were sending them out. Michael and I were very proud of her. There were several "criers" this week. I wouldn't have been nearly as devastated as I was last week when Olivia was the only one to cry. The children and parents were so entertaining, I could go sit in the 100 degree, yes literally, 100 degree poolhouse every day to watch these people. By the end of the week, she was able to kick herself across the pool on a kickboard, jump in from the side or off the diving board by herself and swim to the surface. Those were the goals for the week, so yay! Here are a few pictures from the week...

Please notice in this picture, Olivia (on the far right) is laughing at the little girl who is crying as if she wasn't doing the same thing last week.
Olivia and her buddy, Mr. Ed
She was constantly checking to make sure we were watching her every second.
I was so proud of her jumping off the diving board by herself! On the first day they did it, she and a 7 year old were the only ones to do it without having to be pushed.

Check out the awesome swim cap Mr. Ed gave her
And lastly, my mom (Nana) came on the last day to watch her. She had told her if she did good all week she would buy her a new swimsuit and a baby (for those of you who don't know, my child lives and dies by baby dolls). Once we were at the store, she decided she would not get a baby (shock of shocks) and get a make-up case instead. She couldn't wait to rip into it, so she applied her make-up in the car on the way home. I don't know who she has been watching put on make-up, but I kept telling her to switch to another eye, and all she could say is that she wasn't done with the first one yet!

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