Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bowling and Bouncing

Last Saturday Olivia was invited to TWO birthday parties (again!), she was so excited. The first party was a bowling party. She had never been bowling before, but I thought she was funny when she explained to my mom that it was going to be just like playing the Wii, but with real balls!

Olivia and the birthday girl Vanessa, a friend from school

Action shot...this picture might make you think she was an okay bowler. Pictures can be very deceiving!

But the highlight of the day was definitely when the bowling alley had a dance contest for all the kids there that day. She won this! HUGE! What song was she dancing to you ask? What else--Party in the USA!

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Olivia with her buddy Molly

And on to party number two...who doesn't love a good bounce house!

Happy Birthday Callie and Emma!

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We were exhausted at the end of the day! Well, at least I was!

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