Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Girl Likes to Party All the Time!

In this long, cold and basically depressing month of January, my kids have partied! We have had three birthday parties since Christmas--Olivia LOVES to go to birthday parties (I think, in part because of goodie bags!). But last Saturday night, this little pumpkin face went to her first birthday party. Her little friend Cole, from The Little Gym had a party there and they invited Ana Blair and Olivia.

About a thousand years ago when Olivia was in classes at the Little Gym, she had a class with this little guy (he's the big brother of the birthday boy) and by chance Ana Blair ended up in class with their second child. I actually have a picture of Olivia and Keylar when they were close to Ana Blair's age I will post.

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Then, that same night we headed to another gymnastics party. This time, a friend of Olivia's from church. Ana Blair loved sitting on the trampoline and letting some of the bigger girls bounce her around.

Said bouncing

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And Olivia got to go to a party at The Groovy Pad for her buddy Kaitlyn...she loves that girl and loves that place, so it was a win-win.

Olivia and Kaitlyn after their makeovers...Olivia was especially excited because they put EXTENSIONS in her hair...yes. You read that correctly, extensions.

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The Dunavant Family said...

so funny, we are still buying the same. EG has the mitten outfit Olivia has own. LOL!