Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fancy Times with Lexy and Lilah!

Last week Olivia, Ana Blair and I were finally able to meet up with Wendy, Lexy and Lilah for "Christmas." We were supposed to do this the week before, but the stomach bug got in the way! We ended up meeting halfway in the glamorous town of Athens. The plan was to eat a normal lunch, then take them to McDonald's for ice cream and playtime...little did we know the playground was outside, so playtime turned into driving everyone in the restaurant crazy.
Sweet Lilah and Ana happy these two will get to grow up friends like Olivia and Lexy have!
Super classy group shot in front of the trash cans at McDonald's. Notice how my child is chewing on Lilah's Christmas present?? Let me make a recommendation to you...DO NOT buy another child a baby doll just like the one you have at home just because you think she will like it. Second child will think it is her's and scream if anyone takes it from her!!
And finally...this picture is so telling of the afternoon!
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