Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day!

We finally got some snow at our house! It started snowing mid-morning on Monday and snowed most of the day. Olivia had so much fun, this is the first time she's ever gotten to play in snow. Here she is making some snow angels!
Her snowman
Mollie loves snow. We had a snow the first winter we had her and she loved it. She just runs and runs like a complete maniac!
My little snow bunny
And of course I had to take Ana Blair outside for a picture in her first snow, you could tell she was perplexed by it!


Tiffany Ann said...

Thanks for your comment. So jealous you had snow all we got was ice!!! Love Olivia coat and matching boots!

sophiemac photography said...

I should have known that Olivia would be fashionable even in winter sports wear! Too cute. Sophia looked like a ghetto princess!