Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Things I Love About You!

Okay, so maybe not all of you, but instead of the usual pics of Olivia and Ana Blair, I thought that in honor of Valentine's Day, I would dedicate a post about my Valentine and all the reasons why I love him. I'm sure these aren't all the reasons, but they were the first 25 that came to my head!
1. He makes me laugh. Every. Single. Day.
2. He's a wonderful father. I could sit and watch him with the girls all day long. God knew what he was doing when he gave him two daughters. It takes a special man to be a great daddy to a little girl and he does it.
3. He's a wonderful husband. He hugs and kisses me everytime I need it!
4. He's a wonderful provider. He works so hard (almost!) every day so I can stay home and take care of our girls.
5. He knows how important my family is to me and never questions me (anymore!) about the million phone conversations I have with them each day or the weekly visits!
6. He knows me and can tell when I need a little breather from the girls and lets me have one.
7. He prefers my hair curly! That's the easy way, that's why it makes me so happy!
8. He helps me cook, and he fixes my plate for me!
9. He knows what smocking is, what monograms are, why Olivia's hairbows are so big, what a Louis Vuitton is and that Sephora is a store. A really great store.
10. He wouldn't admit it, but sometimes I catch him cuddling with Mollie.
11. He thinks I'm a good person and he makes me a better person.
12. He's a really good person.
13. He's a positive person. He always helps me to see the positive side in everything.
14. He loves reality TV as much as I do, and sometimes I catch him reading my Us Weekly!
15. He has accepted and listened to (not always with a smile though) my obsession with Edward Cullen and my constantly asking him if he's sure he's not a vampire.
16. He loves our little girls more than life, but he knows that we need time for just the two of us too.
17. He surprises me with little things that mean more than anything else!
18. If I go to bed before him, he comes and tucks me in. He plugs up my phone for me and turns the TV on the channel I like it to be on and the volume at the exact right level.
19. I hate to vacuum, so he has taken over that chore since we've been married.
20. He gets me breakfast from McDonald's almost every Saturday morning.
21. His smile!
22. I always feel safe when I'm with him.
23. He knows that I "work" every day and never makes me feel like staying home is a vacation!
24. He calls to check in with us several times a day.
25. I love Michael because of him. He has taken care of me almost from the very minute we met. He makes me happier than I had ever been and had ever dreamed of being. I am the baby of a big family and no one ever thought I would find someone to spoil me like I had been growing up, but he does even more! He humors me when I'm watching Real Housewives of Orange County and I cheer for the Chicago Bears like I've been a fan my whole life! We love time to ourselves, but we usually end up talking about the girls. We love to talk about our past and plan our future. He makes me feel good about myself every single day. And I never have to doubt that he loves me just as much as I love him.


Denton Family said...

what a wonderful idea. Michael is lucky to have you. I might have to copy your idea.

The Cherry Tree 123 said...

Aww, that is really sweet. i may copy your idea. Also, let's not forget who introduced you to him!!

The Hardin Family said...

Sounds like you have a great man! My husband will watch all the reality shows with me too...including the Real Housewives:) Ha!

The Benders said...

Okay, that was so sweet! Knowing Michael as the football player from High School, it was fun to read about his sweet, thoughtful side! It sounds like you have a beautiful frienship and wonderful marriage! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

joseph said...

That is so sweet! Sounds like you have a good man!!!