Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun at the Cove!

Last Friday Olivia, Nana and I took advantage of the slightly cooler weather and took her to the Cove for some of her favorite things in the world...outside and swinging. Those of you who know my child know that since she was a day old, she could swing for hours on end. When we are at the park, I literally have to bribe her to get out of the swings to let other kids have a turn.
Funny thing about her wardrobe choice is that this was taken on a Friday morning. Everyday she starts the day by asking what we will do each day followed by what she will wear (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh?). Michael and I had been so disappointed by the first UT game we hadn't even discussed the upcoming game. She comes up to me and asks, "The Tennessee Balls (Vols) are playing a football game in the morning?" I answer, "Yes, does that mean you want to wear orange?" and she said yes. I have zero idea how she even knew they were playing, but I think we have a little Vol on our hands!
Just a Swingin'
This is a picture of Olivia's proud face after she climbed up the "ladder." Any of you moms who are familiar with the Cove know that this particular spot can cause a mom to have a heart attack just by watching your child walk past this open area on their way to the slide, I hate it!
Saying hi to the ducks.
Notice the rubberband around my child's wrist...apple not falling far again, right? The other thing is that everywhere she goes she picks up a piece of trash, rubberbands, rocks, sticks and insists they have to go home with us. I hope this doesn't mean she's going to grow up to be a dumpster diver.

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