Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kindergarten Rocks!

Last Wednesday started her first staggered day of kindergarten. She only went one day last week, will go on Wednesday this week and then starts full time the following Tuesday. I'm not sure if that has made it easier or harder on Crazy Mommy!
The night before...backpack packed and ready to go!

6:45 wake up call from the whole family!

My big girl, getting ready for the big day

What first day of school would be complete without a pumpkin face??

This is Olivia laughing at the mommies and daddies crying in "The Night Before Kindergarten"

Ready to go

Me and my girl

She loved seeing the school buses!

We couldn't go empty-handed to kindergarten!

"We are so Fortunate to have you as our Teacher"

Walking in...

Down the big, long hall to her class (all the way at the end!)

Olivia had a great first day of kindergarten! She loved it and is ready to go back! And believe it or not, Mommy did pretty well--all things considered!
Although I have heard from seasoned professionals that it is the first full day of school that it really hits time will tell!

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