Friday, March 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life: What is your Typical Day like?

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Because I'm tired of not having anything new on my blog, I thought I'd let you in on what a typical day in my life would be! Our schedules vary from day to day, but some parts are consistent:
7-7:30: Ana Blair wakes up...Michael or I will get her up and try to keep her quiet until Olivia wakes up.
7:45-8: Olivia wakes up and we play in her room. Olivia and I cuddle under the covers and Ana Blair runs around like a wild child!
8-8:15: head down for breakfast. Usually cereal or yogurt for the girls and a Diet Cherry Coke for myself (not a breakfast person)
Okay...this is where things go kind of crazy...
On Mondays, we get ready for Olivia's gymnastics class at 11, go to lunch with some of the the girls from gymnastics, speech at 1:30 and then home for Ana Blair's nap.
On Tuesdays, Ana Blair and I take Olivia to school at 9. Then, she and I go to The Little Gym at 9:30. On these days, I put her in bed by 11, so we can pick Olivia up from school at 2. Run a quick errand or two, then Olivia has dance at 3:30.
On Wednesdays, Ana Blair and I drop Olivia off at preschool at 9, then go to the Y (a new addition to our schedule), home for a nap and pick Olivia up at 1:30 and off to Farragut Primary for speech.
On Thursdays, preschool drop off, Y, nap and pick up at 2.
On Fridays, we do whatever we want! A trip to the Y, the mall or a playdate. Or on really great Fridays, the girls go to Spring City for the day and night! back to normal...After naps, we get up and play or run any errands. I usually get my computer "work" (play) in while Ana Blair naps and Olivia is pretty good at entertaining her long enough for me to get a few chores done around the house.
I usually feed the girls dinner around 5, then we go upstairs for bath time!
By then, Michael is usually home and we play in the playroom until about 6:30 and then its bedtime!
That's when Michael and I usually eat dinner and watch TV or just be lazy!
So, my life is pretty busy, but we love schedules!

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The Hardin Family said...

We LOVE our schedules,too! The girls are in bed early. CeCe is down by 6:45-7pm and Maggie 7:30'ish. If they get off's a disaster for everyone.