Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We are a little late with the obligatory Easter post, but we did have a great holiday! After church on Sunday, we went to my family's house and hunted eggs. Literally everyone hunted eggs. We had a great day, great food outside and super weather! Perfect Easter!
The Easter bunny came!!
Olivia is OBSESSED with movies now. So much to the point that I am having to limit the movies she watches during the day. A new favorite that she watched at my sister's house is ET. When she left to go spend the night with my family last week, Michael told her he would miss her. She grabbed his hand and made them touch fingers (ET style) and explained that they wouldn't miss each other that way.
Ana Blair with her Easter basket
Like I said, everyone hunted eggs. Adults included. And believe it or not, Olivia found the most eggs. Fair and square. I don't know if its the horrible allergies I had, or the fact that I had been to Olivia's egg hunts earlier in the week where they were laying on top of the grass. But I found 3.
I don't know why Michael didn't tell me it looked like I was peeking out from behind the children in this one...
Daddy with his girls
We hope everyone had a Happy Easter! Now I just need someone to come remove all the candy from my house that the bunny left!


Jennifer said...

Looks like you all had a great Easter! The girls are too cute! When you find that someone to remove all of the chocolate/candy will you please send them to my house!!! The candy is definetly not helping my weight gaining issue!!!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Love it Rebecca! looks like you had a fabulous Easter!! Perhaps Olivia can help you out hunting for eggs next year :-)