Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beach Pics

Last week when we were at the beach, I decided to have Olivia's pictures taken by a professional photographer instead of my fat pregnant butt crawling around in the sand doing it by myself. I was really happy with the end result, but I think I still sweated just as much in between trying to get her to smile and make sure her clothes weren't flying off of her! If you want to view the pics, you can go to The username and password are both rclaunch. After you hit enter, click on my name on the top left and the pics should pop up.


Jennifer said...

The pictures are wonderful! How do you ever chhose???

Bethany said...

Her pictures are amazing. Sophia has that same crab dress and Mac has the john john to match. Great minds think alike! I love the picture you took with the pink lights in the background.

Bethany said...

Ok, Sophia has the green flip flop dress too! Isn't Baby Bundles the best!