Monday, May 26, 2008

Big Change!

For weeks Michael has been after me to get Olivia's haircut. I had convinced him to let it stay long until after her birthday party, which was on Saturday. This morning (Monday), he announced we would be going to get it cut. I was very nervous about the big change, and about my baby not looking like a baby anymore. Too be honest, I don't think I ever could have done it if it weren't for the new baby girl on the way. But, all in all, I'm really happy with it and she loves it! But, she definitely doesn't look like a baby anymore!


Deana said...

Rebecca!!!! Hey!!! Your daughter is so beautiful!! I have sneeked a peek at your sight now lots of times. It is so cool seeing so many people from so long ago!

Jennifer said...

I love her new haircut!! She looks so grown up!

Elizabeth said...

I think the haircut is adorable! And, its great because she still gets to wear a bow!