Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Doodlebops Live!

This past weekend Michael and I took Olivia to the concert of her dreams. Those of you who know her know that she is a HUGE Doodlebops fan, so thanks to Titi & Poppy's awesome Christmas gift, we headed to Nashville this past weekend for the show. Let me start out by saying that we gave her a "ticket" for the show at Christmastime that she has been dragging around the house since then, you should have seen it the day of the concert. Thursday we were able to go to a Meet & Greet at Opry Mills Mall, which she loved. A couple of revelations that day though, Moe, formally her favorite Doodlebop, is a BOY. Most of you probably knew that already, but apparently my daughter did not. And she did not like it. Rooney, on the other hand, was a real charmer. He called her sweetheart, told her she was pretty and that he liked her bow.
We had great seats on the second row for the show, but when we got there they told us we could sit on the floor in front of the stage. My child, who is usually a bit on the shy side, completely let loose. She danced like a crazy person. She was flailing around, bumping into people, falling on the ground, it was like a little miniature mosh pit. And she fit right in. She would dance wildly through each song and then fling herself down in Michael's lap to catch her breath between songs. I think in the picture of her dancing, is to the "Booby Bird" song which she believed was just for her since she had a bird on her outfit!
It was a great show and I would recommend going to anyone who has a Doodlebop fan at home. Thanks again to TiTi & Poppy! It wore my little angel so much she even slept until 9 the next morning!
Getting ready to go into the concert.
Daddy trying on the DeeDee hair, looks pretty good I think!
Breaking it down to some of her favorite tunes.
I have a million pictures of her making crazy facial expressions like this one!
Chilling out afterwards in her first rock concert tee.

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